Smocked dress UK

Smocked dress UK is one of the traditional clothing for children. The beauty of these dresses has been recognized by many customers over the world, especially in UK. In this article, I will show you details about smocked dress UK-one of Lewave’s main product lines.

  1. Smocked dress

Smocked dress is one of the most typical dresses for baby girls. They are usually embroidered with geometric hand smocked pattern on the bodice. To make smocked dress looks more beautiful, maker often add lace, ruff or bow in the dress. Let’s see more details of hand smocked dress in the picture below:

Pink smocked dress with little flowers smocked pattern – LD 008


LD 008    LD 008b

Pink dress with little flowers and geometric hand smocked pattern, lovely white lace at the bottom, buttons at the back for easy dressing.

  1. Smocked bishop dress

Smocked bishop dress UK isusually embroidered with geometric hand smocked pattern on the neckline. They are short or long sleeves, angel sleeves or even sleeveless. A smocked bishop dress is a comfortable style one and fit longer than smocked dress. Let’s see a typical hand smocked bishop dress below:

Blue geometric smocked bishop dress – LD 063


LD 063    LD 063a

Blue smocking dress with white flower and geometric smocked pattern around the neck, comfortable for girl baby when wearing

  1. Smocked christening gown

Christening gowns are always shades of white, to symbolize purity and innocence. A christening gown has high waistlines on scoop-necked or collared bodices, long skirts with 22 to 42 inches on average. They are often dressed by infants and little babies during baptisms or christenings.

Cute UK geometric smocked christening gown – LG 04


LG 04b    LG 04

Long white embroidered christening gown, short sleeves and hand smocked pink geometric pattern on the chest, hand embroidery little pink flowers on the collar.

This is 3 typical traditional smocked dress UK for baby girls. These smocked dresses uk are still favored over hundreds of years and you dress your baby with these UK smocked dresses all time of year and year to year without being worried that they will be outdated.

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