Tips to keep cotton clothing clean during summer season

Summer is hot so sweating a lot is inevitable that can make clothes to become mould. Specially, children play a lot so they will sweat a lot & if you do not wash carefully; their clothes are easy to be mould.  Therefore, you will think way to keep clothing clean, not mould. In this writing, I would like to introduce some tips to keep cotton clothing clean during summer season. I hope you can use one of these tips.

Here’re 5 tips you need to follow:

Firstly, before washing, you can use lime to dip along with cotton clothes. This can help you eliminate the underlying odour and ensure proper cleaning as well.

You should wash by hands to ensure to clean dirty on clothes. First, you should twirl the clothes around in the water, then soak for five to ten minutes, twirl again, wash and hang to dry. Do not wring harshly.

Second, With cotton clothes, you should use gentle soap or shampoo if possible.

Third, Wash colorful clothes separately to avoid discoloring clothes. Dark color cotton clothes often bleed dye in the first water of washes.

Four, You can put a cup of white vinegar in a drum full of water in the washing machine which keeps cotton clothes from fading and preserves their brightness. You can set your mind that the vinegar does not leave behind an acrid because the concentration of vinegar in the water is a little.

Five, You should hang cotton clothes on a line but do not hang in the direct sunlight. Always dry cotton clothes in the shade. If you hang in the direct sunlight, the clothes are easy to lose color.

That is some tips to keep cotton clothes during summer season. I hope they are useful & can help you to keep clothing clean.